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Carole Campbell

Carole Campbell
A true southerner, Carole has called Texas her home since she was 6 months old. She was raised in Houston, spent a decade in Austin and now lives in the DFW area. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Science in Environmental Management from the University of Houston. During the many years she spent working in the Information Technology field, first at NASA’s Johnson Space Center during the Space Shuttle program then for a global Internet Security Company, she knows that attention to detail is a critical component of any task. Carole now focuses her attention to detail on real estate in order to provide specialized, one-on-one service for her clients. Ensuring that her clients understand all steps involved in the real estate purchase or sale process is always at the top of her list. Carole’s love of real estate and home improvement have always been a key factor in her life. A member of the professional real estate and home improvement world for more than a decade, she has had fun designing, decorating and maintaining houses across the United States. From a small 1 bedroom condo to multi million dollar homes, she treats each job and client as though they are part of her family!