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Stephanie Gonzalez

Stephanie Gonzalez
Selling Real Estate came naturally to Stephanie Gonzalez, who by age 10 was dominating her family in Monopoly games. However, she knows that when it comes to working with her clients it's more than just fun and games. With over 15 years of selling homes in and around DFW, Stephanie has built up an impressive knowledge of the entire Metroplex. She puts that knowledge to good use for her clients and has helped over 500 families buy and sell. Additionally, her studies from Texas Tech University in Education have made a difference in her ability to educate first time homebuyers. In following her passion for guiding new buyers through the process, Stephanie recently developed a class for first-time homebuyers called "Before the Agent" that will launch online in May 2018. Well-known for her honesty, Stephanie takes pride in being candid, approachable and friendly. Loyalty to her family, friends and clients is a core value. Outside of selling real estate, Stephanie enjoys cooking, entertaining at her home, and making people laugh until they cry.